Come write with us

Writing retreats in Spain and Wales. Which one do you want to come to? One of the hardest things about writing is finding the time to do it--life gets in the way in every imaginable permutation possible. The gum stuck to the dog, the kids scribbling on the walls, the roof peeling away, the laundry … Continue reading Come write with us

Imposter Syndrome Can Suck It

I find blogging difficult these days, particularly when it's to do with my writing. Imposter syndrome, you see. "Ah," I hear you say. "That gremlin." "Indeed," I reply sagely. Or something along those lines, anyway. Imposter syndrome, for me, means I have trouble believing in myself as a writer--no matter how many books I've written, … Continue reading Imposter Syndrome Can Suck It

Five Stars!

Five star review from LesBiReviewed for Lines of Love! Reading reviews can be tough. Sometimes even thick skin (which I don't have) isn't enough to keep the barbs from piercing our so tender hearts. So when one like this comes out, I can't help but be grateful enough to drop to my knees in thanks. … Continue reading Five Stars!


My wife, working out on a three foot wide wall with a thirty foot drop on the other side. Fearless isn’t a word is ever use to describe myself. Particularly as I get older, I seem to become even more of a worrier. It shows itself in strange ways, too. Like, when I got back … Continue reading Fearless