The characters have just the right touch of humanity and divinity that make the books so hard to put down.

Ashlee Gonzalez

The story keeps you turning the pages and I found myself asking the same questions as Eris. What is love and do we need it? If so, why?

Valden Bush

Brey Willows’ work simply never fails to astound me; every book inches the proverbial bar ever higher, with this perhaps being my favourite of the Muses series thus far. Lines of Love is the perfect mix of romance and fantasy and a prime example of Willows’ ability to mix profound and often intense topics with her trademark (and deftly situated) quips.

Queer Lit Loft

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“When you pick up one of Willows’ books, you know without a doubt, that the story will not be like anything you’ve read before.”

Queer Lit Loft

” Knowing how wonderfully this author writes, though, I recommend that you read as many of her novels as you can.”

Rainbow Reflections

“A fun introduction to a new series in a world I already love to bits.”

The Good, the Bad, and the Unread

“Willows always writes terrific butch/femme pairings and these two don’t disappoint.”

The Lesbian Review

“A really wonderful story that I cannot recommend enough.”


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