Well, hello there.

Brey Willows is a writer of the fantastical. Whether that’s sci-fi on other planets, dystopian on this one, or fantasy that incorporates all of the above, she’s interested in playing with it on the page. She’s a self identified femme, a lover of peanut butter, a believer that there’s more to the world than what we see, and a woman who loves writing strong, interesting women she’d love to either hang out with or be in real life.

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That’s me, reading my wife’s book.

“When you pick up one of Willows’ books, you know without a doubt, that the story will not be like anything you’ve read before.”

Queer Lit Loft

” Knowing how wonderfully this author writes, though, I recommend that you read as many of her novels as you can.”

Rainbow Reflections

“A fun introduction to a new series in a world I already love to bits.”

The Good, the Bad, and the Unread

“Willows always writes terrific butch/femme pairings and these two don’t disappoint.”

The Lesbian Review

“A really wonderful story that I cannot recommend enough.”


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If you want to get in touch she’s always happy to chat.

Except when she’s writing or before nine a.m.