About Brey


Official Bio:

Brey Willows is a longtime editor and writer. Her passion is literature and the classics, and she has published a handful of short stories. When she’s not running a social enterprise working with marginalized communities on writing projects, she’s editing other people’s writing or doing her own. She lives in the middle of England with her partner and fellow author and spends entirely too much time exploring castles and ancient ruins while bemoaning the rain.

Unofficial Bio:

I’m a nerd. I love Harry Potter, most anything by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and Lord of the Rings. (I want to be an elf but I’m built like a dwarf.) I’m an avid animated movie fan and will always choose a cartoon over pretty much anything else, unless it contains mythology of some sort. I’m a travel fiend; I love going to new countries, exploring, and attempting (mostly poorly) the language. I’m a pseudo vegetarian and migraine sufferer. The Kushiel’s Legacy Series by Jaquiline Carey is my all time favorite series, and I love the way Iris Murdoch puts sentences together. I’m an absolute introvert, horribly awkward around other humans, and I only drink Guinness. I’m Latina, I love to cook, and I’m a believer that humans are humans, and we all deserve respect and the opportunity to live in the way that makes us fulfilled and happy humans.




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