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Dream a little dream…

I've had this very cool thing happen recently. Not once, but twice.  I've dreamt entire storylines. And when I've woken up, they're still with me, which means I've been able to write them down. Seriously, whole kit and caboodle. (What is a caboodle? Must Google.) The characters, the journey, the conflict, the ending. In fact,… Continue reading Dream a little dream…


Word love

Words.  Seriously, they're amazing.  We set up a booth at Brighton Pride last weekend, and it was fantastic to see so many people come over to talk about and buy books. We talked about favourite authors, about ideas, about genre, and about lots of random stuff too. Words helped us bond during a weekend all… Continue reading Word love

My first

There are a lot of firsts in life. Hopefully we continue to experience them no matter how old we get.  My very first public reading was in Provincetown, MA. It was Women's Week, and I said yes to being on an erotica panel. So my first reading was from an erotic short story.  I hadn't… Continue reading My first

It’s my turn!

So, today I'm blogging over on the Bold Strokes UK blog page. It would be super awesome if you would check it out. The BSB Book Festival is going to be awesome, and we'd love to see lots of folks there. Here is the program: