Five Stars!

Five star review from LesBiReviewed for Lines of Love! Reading reviews can be tough. Sometimes even thick skin (which I don't have) isn't enough to keep the barbs from piercing our so tender hearts. So when one like this comes out, I can't help but be grateful enough to drop to my knees in thanks. … Continue reading Five Stars!

Love is…

Ready for you to read about it. 😁 The third book in the Memory’s Muses series is out now, and I’m so pleased to see that so far, people really seem to be enjoying it. This book took a lot of thought. What do you do when love hurts? What does love look like in … Continue reading Love is…


My wife, working out on a three foot wide wall with a thirty foot drop on the other side. Fearless isn’t a word is ever use to describe myself. Particularly as I get older, I seem to become even more of a worrier. It shows itself in strange ways, too. Like, when I got back … Continue reading Fearless


We recently did a fabulous Zoom reading for Kenrick, the lesbian social group based in London. It was fun and there were plenty of questions and laughs. But it began, as per usual in 2021, with wishes for future meetings in person. That it’s great to have the online forums, but there isn’t anything quite … Continue reading Re-connection

A new series begins

Being a muse in the twenty-first century is a lot harder than it was in Ancient Greece. Life was simple when Calliope Ardalides, first-born of the nine Muses, only had to concentrate on music and justice. But now she’s arbitrating between arguing gods, answering complaints from cantankerous humans irked by how their prayers are being … Continue reading A new series begins