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It’s that all important first page. Where do you begin the story?


Ordered thoughts, in brief

When coherent thought fails, use a list. 1. Meeting new people can be scary. 2. And really fun. 3. Baking is for the brave. 4. Eating said baking perhaps more so. 5. Being handed a copy of the book you have a story in feels really cool. 6. Knowing your spouse's story is in it… Continue reading Ordered thoughts, in brief

Call for Submissions: Escape to Pleasure

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: ESCAPE TO PLEASURE: LESBIAN EROTIC TRAVELS Editor: Sandy Lowe and Victoria Villasenor Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Publication Date: Winter 2018 Theme: Short story lesbian travel erotica. When life becomes mundane, the best way to shake things up is by getting away from it all. On vacation, anything is possible and fantasies really… Continue reading Call for Submissions: Escape to Pleasure


I'm not a big review reader. I'm too thin skinned, you see. Much thinner, and you'd see my inner workings like a clock's. The last negative review I read kept me from writing for the next three months. I've found that some people can be very cruel, and some reviews give away the whole book,… Continue reading Wow