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Will you love my baby?

Imagine: You spend 6-9 months creating a baby. It's hard work. You blow off friends, you stay inside on beautiful days, you eat way too many snacks. And you create. Then, the time comes for your baby to be born, to be presented to the world. Not just to your friends and family, no. THE… Continue reading Will you love my baby?


A lighthouse on land

As someone who lives with mental health issues, and someone who is probably on the spectrum and doesn't always deal well with other people, I sometimes forget to talk about the stuff in my head. Like, it literally doesn't occur to me to say things out loud. I'm getting better at it, since I've identified… Continue reading A lighthouse on land


On a planet far, far away…

One year ago, I wrote a blog about the book I was working on, Spinning Tales. It's a fairy tale about fairy tales, and it came out this year. It was fun to write urban fantasy that also left this world behind and then continued to jump back and forth. Tonight I finished the edits… Continue reading On a planet far, far away…