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A new series begins

Being a muse in the twenty-first century is a lot harder than it was in Ancient Greece. Life was simple when Calliope Ardalides, first-born of the nine Muses, only had to concentrate on music and justice. But now she’s arbitrating between arguing gods, answering complaints from cantankerous humans irked by how their prayers are being… Continue reading A new series begins


Finally, some new words

As I've mentioned elsewhere, it's been a rough year when it comes to writing. It seems like people fall into two camps; there are those who used the weird ass year to inspire them, (or to hide within their writing), and those who fell all creativity drain away under their masks. I'm one of the… Continue reading Finally, some new words


Your story matters too

September. The year has gone by in a strange haze. I’ve been baffled and befuddled, oftentimes despairing and despondent. And now, we head toward autumn, and I’m thinking tonight about stories. For all that we’ve had to remain at home, isolated and imprisoned to some degree by fear, both for ourselves and others, there remain… Continue reading Your story matters too