Time particles and soul drinking

Well...that went by in a whirlwind. Last year, I wrote about being an anti-social sloth-hermit and about what a busy, wonderful year it was. This year, I've actually had to look back on my calendar to see what happened in 2018, because on the 2nd day of 2019, I can't remember much... So here's a… Continue reading Time particles and soul drinking


Join in

Hello there, Just a little message to let you know several of us BSB UK authors are blogging about the holidays and giving away books over on the BSB site (and FB page). If you'd like a chance to win a book, drop your name in the comments on the blog or on the FB… Continue reading Join in


Word chill

We're on our annual personal writing retreat in one of our favourite places. That means a lovely view, a laptop, and words. All day long. We laugh, talk over plot things, nibble, remark on the lovely sunrise/sunset/sky/clouds/water and generally just chill out while getting our word count up. I could so easily live the life… Continue reading Word chill