Word love


Seriously, they’re amazing. 

We set up a booth at Brighton Pride last weekend, and it was fantastic to see so many people come over to talk about and buy books. We talked about favourite authors, about ideas, about genre, and about lots of random stuff too. Words helped us bond during a weekend all about connection and the freedom to be who you are without censure. 

It’s a proper British summer, which means lots of rain and layers of clothes for the brief spells of sun that peek through to warm your moss-growing bones, allowing for T-shirts. Until the next bout of rain, when coats go back on. It’s August, and I was in a beanie and scarf at the end of the night. 

That said, it didn’t dampen spirits. We still got to sign lots of books, we still laughed, we still connected.

The same thing happened again, on a much smaller scale, at the reading we were invited to for the Happy Valley Pride celebration in Hebden Bridge. An intimate audience came to listen to five authors read and chat, and even with the rain hammering down outside, and a pizza delivery man who looked an awful lot like Jesus dancing outside the window behind us, it was a lovely night, and we met some lovely people. 


Written, disseminated, talked through, shared. Prides give us a chance to connect, and words give us a way through the often superficial barriers that might otherwise be around. 

Come enjoy some word-love with us at Manchester Pride.

2 thoughts on “Word love

  1. Thank you for your ‘words’. And thank you for coming along to our Happy Valley Pride Festival event – through the rain, and the cows. Our Pride event was conceived with the idea of connecting with the community in a positive way. The response has been tremendous. With the rain and the cow diversion, you wouldn’t have had time to see all the window displays in many of the shops and businesses in the town – many interpretations of the rainbow theme. This year’s festival is bigger than last year’s. Following it up next year will be a challenge but I’m sure our community is up for it!


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