Highlights from the Diva Fest


The Diva Literary Festival was this past weekend, and now I’m back home, sunk deep in a bubble bath, and contemplating the event. 

Loads and loads of things are running through my head. I’ll get to them piece by piece. 

For now, a few random highlights:

  • I was on panels at event where Val McDermid and Stella Duffy were also on panels. That I was in the same building, also doing book things, feels like a really big deal. It’s quite humbling and exciting, even if I’m not in the same stratosphere as they are. 
  • I got to talk to Stella Duffy. There may have been tears.
  • I hung out at our book table with my friends and colleagues and was proud to be beside them.
  • I had some fantastic conversations with readers, about everything from politics to immigration to cheesecake. And some even bought books.
  • We got all dressed up and went to both evening events. I was proud to be with the most beautiful woman in the room. I was also astounded that I managed to stay awake past nine.
  • Lucy Spraggen was fantastic. There may have been tears. 

*note to self: invest in waterproof mascara.* 

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