It won. I believe it now.

You don’t really want to hope, do you?

You tell yourself that someone else will win, that it’s nice just to be nominated (and it is), that you’re not fussed…

But on the night you watch and wait and when your category comes up you can’t breathe…and then they call your name.

And your wife gives a little yell and jumps up from the rumicub game you’re playing and starts dancing around the room while you give an absurdly short thank you speech.

And then you react as you always do—you calmly ponder, and smile, and nod. And you say, ‘that’s nice, isn’t it’? while your wife beams at you and calls you an award winning author all night.

And a few days later it sinks in, and they haven’t called to say they made a mistake, and you start to be excited. Because that’s who you are.


Yay. I won a Goldie award in the sci-fi/fantasy category for Changing Course. It’s now an award winning book. And how crazy is that?

If you’re interested it can be found here.


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