Finally, some new words

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it’s been a rough year when it comes to writing. It seems like people fall into two camps; there are those who used the weird ass year to inspire them, (or to hide within their writing), and those who fell all creativity drain away under their masks.

I’m one of the latter.

But I’m happy to say I’ve got two new short stories coming out in anthologies!

One is in LesFic Eclectic, Volume 2. It drops on the 21st of December and is a free download.

My story, Into the Light, was SO much fun to write. It’s a follow on, 100 years later, from Chosen. We follow two young women who want to see what the world has become since a big chunk of humanity left the earth. What they find is surprising…

My other story is in In Our Words, a Bipoc anthology of LGBTQ writers of color. (I’m Latina).

I really enjoyed doing this one too. The story takes on an aspect of Spanish mythology, and I really love where it went. (Even my friend who doesn’t like fantasy loved the romance in it.) And I’m really proud to be a part of this anthology that has some really fantastic stories, ranging from myth and fantasy to straight forward romance, written by people from communities of color. When it’s out, you should definitely grab a copy.

I also blogged some over at the Bold Strokes UK site, where we talked about inspiration in November and Change in December. If you want to have a read, that would be awesome.

And so I end my year editing my passion project and getting ready to start Song of Serenity in January, the first in a series. I’m glad the words have come back, and long may it continue.

Happy holidays, everyone. May your stories have happy endings.


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