We recently did a fabulous Zoom reading for Kenrick, the lesbian social group based in London. It was fun and there were plenty of questions and laughs.

But it began, as per usual in 2021, with wishes for future meetings in person. That it’s great to have the online forums, but there isn’t anything quite like being in a room with likeminded people.

In a way, I’ve been reminded of a similar issue with regard to writing: the research trip,

My next novel is due out in December, and it is loosely based on a real village in Scotland. A village with a temple dedicated to the Muses. And since my novel features said muses… You see where I’m going with this.

And so, with lockdown lifted, off we went to Scotland for a week of writing and research. We stopped at said temple where I was able to experience the lives my characters are leading right now. I was able to cross the foot bridge where Jordan convinces herself to ask Calli out, to look at the Calliope’s house, to climb to the temple and take in the view, as well as the scents and colours and sounds of the stunning landscape. I could see in a way that I simply can’t via the internet how the places I’m writing about come together and how my characters traverse them.

I was also able to correct a few things that seemed true online but actually weren’t quite accurate. And that felt amazing! Not to mention gaining the knowledge and questions about the building site and village characters.

Plus, we got talking to two wonderful women, Marion and Gill and their two pups, (family, I think) who talked to us about the area and even showed me photos. I promised to send them a book if they get in touch with me. They were so lovely.

Connections. They’re so amazing and they’re something that the internet discussions and research simply can’t replicate. I’m not a people person per se, but chatting with two friends on the way to Scotland, the women in Scotland, and two friends on the way home, feels like plugging the world back in again.

Below are some photos of the temple of the muses and the surrounding village, which is the epicentre of conflict in Song of Serenity.

One thought on “Re-connection

  1. First of all SCOTLAND! I love it, I met Elon there, I went to my honeymoon there, and one of my best friends comes from there…what’s not to love!? 🙂
    And yes, I hear you about going “on location” and inhale the place you mean to write about, and talk to the people, and just experience it first hand. You can see your characters in the place you intended, and you can take that with you to the keyboard. I’ve been fortunate to do this in the US several times, and even if my Rhode Island town is fictional, the area is real.
    I miss it a lot. I miss the “in person” to truly be in person. I am glad that we can all meet online and it is a blessing, but it’s not the exact same.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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