Come hang out with us

The annual Bold Strokes UK book festival is an important event to me. This year will be twelve years that the festival has been going, and that’s pretty amazing for any festival, let alone one that celebrates LGBTQ fiction. At this festival I get to see people I’ve known for over a decade now (wow!) and people I’ve never met before, who have suddenly come across our event for the first time and are excited to be surrounded by queer literature and authors.

Obviously, 2020 and 2021 are tough because of the pandemic, and we’ve gone virtual. While this means we can reach people all over the world, which is amazing, I do miss meeting people in person. I miss watching people peruse the book table, get authors to sign books, and have a good laugh. I’m not a hugger, but I admit to missing to hugging a few folks, too.

But virtual is great, and we’re still here! So, come hang out with us. The schedule is below, along with a registration link. It would be awesome to have you join us, and hopefully next year, we’ll see you in person.

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