Tap, tap, tap. Hello?

Well, hello. Is anyone still out there?

I find I have so little to say these days, and I’ve become woefully deficient at keeping up with my blogs. I’m hoping to change that soon, but for now, I simply must accept that what is, is.

That said, people seem to be enjoying my last book, Song of Serenity, which came out in December last year (which now seems eons away). The next two books, Vision of Virtue and Lines of Love, come out in Sept/Dec. I hope you’ll check them out.
Here is the review of Song of Serenity from Queer Literary Loft, should you be at least somewhat curious as to what the new series is about.

Song of Serenity is everything that I adore about Willows’ writing; it is nothing short of the essence of a warm hug from your favourite person.” Queer Literary Loft

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