Come write with us

Writing retreats in Spain and Wales. Which one do you want to come to?

One of the hardest things about writing is finding the time to do it–life gets in the way in every imaginable permutation possible. The gum stuck to the dog, the kids scribbling on the walls, the roof peeling away, the laundry piling up, the spouse who wonders when you won’t be writing, the mold on the ceiling…

A writing retreat is about you, your words, your creativity, your time to sink into yourself. And that’s why we do the Hatchery writing retreats. They’re women only (inclusive–trans/non-binary/adjacent all welcome) and we’re all about a safe space that’s also fun. It’s a week to remember and many writers come back year after year.

So. Come write with us. Come on over to Global Wordsmiths and read all about it, and then get in touch to register. Questions? Give ’em to me.

See you soon.


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