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Are you in charge?

Who writes your story? Are you in charge of it? Or is your life on a predetermined path, written by someone you can't see, and you're just along for the ride? If you decide you want to take control, can you wrest it away from the writer? In my newest book, Spinning Tales (available today… Continue reading Are you in charge?


Book Box Day

I'm not someone who gets excited about things. My response is often tepid, which leads to disapointment from the people around me. But book box day is always fun, and when I know the shipment is coming, I keep looking out the window for Scott, our UPS guy. I got my author copies of Spinning… Continue reading Book Box Day


Word chill

We're on our annual personal writing retreat in one of our favourite places. That means a lovely view, a laptop, and words. All day long. We laugh, talk over plot things, nibble, remark on the lovely sunrise/sunset/sky/clouds/water and generally just chill out while getting our word count up. I could so easily live the life… Continue reading Word chill