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Permutations of us

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day! We are... a magnificent multitude of multi-cultural microcosms. We are every shape, every size, every colour of the rainbow and all the nebula and galaxy colours in between. We are butch stone to femme stone and every pebble of gender display on display in the spectrum. We self ID and refuse… Continue reading Permutations of us


Literary Easter Egg Hunt!

I was never sure why rabbits laid eggs. I used to love Easter Egg hunts as a kid. Running around looking for that pink plastic egg that had been sitting in the sun, baking the little piece of chocolate inside... This year’s hunt is way less messy. Author Jae has put together a virtual Easter… Continue reading Literary Easter Egg Hunt!


New words

I love finding words I'm not familiar with. I won't often use them in conversation after, because using obscure words can make you seem a prat. But I still like learning them. Today's word of the day at Miriam Webster is: Resile Definition : recoil, retract; especially : to return to a prior position So, what does today's word make… Continue reading New words