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Your story matters too

September. The year has gone by in a strange haze. I’ve been baffled and befuddled, oftentimes despairing and despondent. And now, we head toward autumn, and I’m thinking tonight about stories. For all that we’ve had to remain at home, isolated and imprisoned to some degree by fear, both for ourselves and others, there remain… Continue reading Your story matters too


Slapped with a muddy word rag

Ah, writing. The cold mistress who beats you with a wet, muddy rag, who demands your words but refuses to help you find them. She of the thesaurus and writers guides and copy editing ilk. She’s really mean. And that’s who I’m blaming for not writing right now. I was writing, before I started on… Continue reading Slapped with a muddy word rag


Join me and Lots of other authors for a great weekend.

I’m lucky enough to be included in the Bold Strokes Bookathon, UK. It’s an online festival dedicated to lgbtq books and authors, and it would be really great if you came along. Grab your favourite drink, your comfiest clothes (or none), and hear about great books from authors you know and some you might not.… Continue reading Join me and Lots of other authors for a great weekend.