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A bag of time

Time is a thief. A criminal who takes our most precious thing, our non-possession, right before our eyes. It steals moments in minute form. And there is no complaint department. There is no one from whom to demand your time be returned. No one to cry to as the thief steals away so often without… Continue reading A bag of time


When it goes wrong

Day 3. What happens when the story is coming out, but you're not in love with it? What happens when you've got a chunk down, but you don't care? As in, I'm not bothered if these characters make it or not. I don't even care what happens next... That's not a good sign. If the… Continue reading When it goes wrong


Word chill

We're on our annual personal writing retreat in one of our favourite places. That means a lovely view, a laptop, and words. All day long. We laugh, talk over plot things, nibble, remark on the lovely sunrise/sunset/sky/clouds/water and generally just chill out while getting our word count up. I could so easily live the life… Continue reading Word chill