Exploring the World


I think one of the best perks of being a writer is the excuse to travel on behalf of the book.

A research trip to Berlin? Let’s go Wednesday. Need to know what buildings are near the Vatican City walls? Off to Rome we go.

Most recently: invited to a lesbian fiction conference on a Greek island? Most definitely.

And so we spent a week on the isle of Lesbos, legendary home of patron saint to Lesbians, Sappho. Gently lapping waves were a soundtrack to readings and discussions of craft and market. There was an array of viewpoints, of styles, of voices. Cats were everywhere, serving as allergy minions and assistants to creativity. It was truly wonderful to be in a place where writing was treasured as a form of communication and creativity around 2,500 years ago. It was both daunting and special to be writing under that umbrella of history.

In October we’ll be at Women’s Week in Provincetown, another book related travel extravaganza. Next year, perhaps Vegas for GCLS. Aside from those, who knows where the next book will take me? Colorado, to see Cheyanne Mountain? Being able to build worlds by exploring more of our own is a truly excellent part of being a writer. I feel so lucky to do both.


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