And so it begins…

It’s time we begin the thirty day plunge into word wonderland. 

I’ve done NanoWriMo before, but I’ve never won. I’ve done some good work in it, but always allowed life to get in the way. (Or boredom with what I was writing.) 

But this year I’m determined. I’ve been putting off my latest novel, Chosen, and I’m going to use Nano to get off my thumbs and put them to use to get the novel done. 

1,667 Words a day. I can totally do it. 


already my schedule is interfering. This weekend we’ll be at the Diva Literary Festival in Birmingham. That’s my Friday and Sat gone… so I’ll just have to make the words happen at a different time. Even if that means getting up extra early (I’m so not a morning person) or carving out time over lunch. 

Because the thing with being a writer is that you have to make the time. It’s not always easy and sometimes you have to sacrifice going out with friends or that last half hour of sleep. (We don’t have cable– Just Netflix or movies. No regular tv in our house, so we’re not distracted. Not that we aren’t distracted by a zillion other things. But at least we’ve removed one.) 

So, I’m jumping in. Are you Nano-ing? 

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