Ordered thoughts, in brief

When coherent thought fails, use a list.

1. Meeting new people can be scary.

2. And really fun.

3. Baking is for the brave.

4. Eating said baking perhaps more so.

5. Being handed a copy of the book you have a story in feels really cool.

6. Knowing your spouse’s story is in it too is even cooler.

7. January is a hard month.

8. We’re working on making it less so.

9. This year already has a lot going for it.

10. All the way through August there’s good stuff afoot.

11. Writing is humbling.

12. And hard.

13. And worth it.

14. It turns out, a red helmet is cute.

15. A neon pink jacket would rather clash, methinks.

16. Cinnamon makes life delicious.

17. Book in hand:

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