Happy New Year from a sloth-hermit

I’ve read that people don’t want to constantly read about an author’s book/writing stuff. They want to get to know the author on another level.

I’m pretty sure I’m just a ground floor, studio apartment. There aren’t a whole lot of levels to me. I don’t have pets because we travel so much. I don’t have any drama in my life. I work and write with my partner, so I don’t have colleague gossip (unless you want to know about Robyn’s propensity for shiny things). I have a very small social circle because I’m terrible at being social. I hate sports and only go to the gym so I can continue to get through my doorway.

So, essentially, I’m a sloth-hermit. Not very interesting.

What I can say is that I had a fantastic year in pretty much every way. We had a seriously special event (in a castle, no less). I published two books, and wrote two more that come out next year. And I signed two more contracts. I try to get better with each book.

I met a ton of people and got to see old friends. New projects are on the horizon. I’ve laughed often, and hard. I’ve behaved like a twelve year old, and cried at the Colosseum. I haven’t read nearly as much as I wanted to, but I plan to fix that next year. I did revisit a few childhood authors, and have spent time analysing just why I loved them. I think Hidden Figures was my favourite movie this year.

We went to Rome, Wales, Lesvos, Spain, and America. Two of those countries were within a day of one another. I loved each country, and getting to explore them with Robyn made them even more special.

And that brings us to 2018.

I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Happy New Year from your sloth hermit, everyone.

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