A tale, coming soon.

I love fairy tales. And I especially love remakes of fairy tales, spins that twist the original into something new.

With that in mind, I sat down to write my own fairy tale, about fairy tales. And I’m loving it. It’s a lot of research, and I keep stopping to fact check, but I really love the work I’m getting to put into it. Spinning Tales will be out in Spring, 2019.

Here’s the cover, and the blurb:


Maggie McShay wants a little magic in her life. Something more than the drab existence of going to work and coming home to a cat that barely tolerates her.

When she spontaneously replies to a want ad asking for someone to take care of a fairy tale cottage, it turns out magic wasn’t as far away as she thought. Maggie discovers she wasn’t who she thought she was, either. Recalcitrant fairy tale shepherd and ladies woman Kody Wilk shows Maggie a world she knew nothing about…a world they need to save before the villains of the world’s fairy tales take over New York City.

It’s up to Maggie, her grumpy, shape-shifting cat, a dwarf hell bent on finding romance, and Kody to set the fairy tale world to rights. The big bad wolf has nothing on Maggie McShay.

One thought on “A tale, coming soon.

  1. Oh, I can’t wait for this! I’ve just finished Fury’s Bridge and really, really enjoy your writing. Accessible and engrossing and enjoyable. I can almost see how fun this fairytale theme will be! I’m going to enjoy the other two Fury books while I wait for this one. But I bet it’ll still be a hard wait. 😎


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