Are you in charge?

SpinningTales cover

Who writes your story? Are you in charge of it? Or is your life on a predetermined path, written by someone you can’t see, and you’re just along for the ride? If you decide you want to take control, can you wrest it away from the writer?

In my newest book, Spinning Tales (available today from Bold Strokes!) this was the question I wanted to ask. Maggie McShay, our heroine, has always felt like she doesn’t belong. She’s felt like an outsider, and she’s wondered if there’s something more out there for her.ย  (I think a lot of us can relate to that feeling!)

Her journey throughout the book confirms that she’s so much more than an accountant living in a crappy apartment. I care about all my characters, who become very real to me, and I’d love to have Maggie as a friend. She’s got a great sense of humor, and she’s really laid back. Kody, her shepherd…I’ve definitely got a soft spot for her, too. She’s strong, hot, butch, a woman of few words and a lot of action.

And in the end, I wanted Maggie to ask the question: who is in charge of our stories? What is destiny/fate, and what is within our control?

This was a fun book to write and to research, and I hope you like the characters as much as I do.

If you’d like to win a copy of Spinning Tales, head over to my FB page and tell me “I’m in charge!”ย 


7 thoughts on “Are you in charge?

      • Ahhh… the eternal question of determinism vs existentialism. I believe that fate and destiny are compatible, just like determinism and existentialism = compatibilism. I believe that we’re within the realm of making things happen. I believe that the universe is the mind. My mind is the universe. What I put out into the universe with an affirmation manifests itself. Been there done that. It’s all about the energy level and frequency of that particular manifestation. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, we can even go further to include the implications of quantum mechanics to existentialism. Now THAT is truly a mindfuck! Our consciousness like the energiser bunny goes on and on and on….I can’t wait! ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Ahh. So, the concept in the Afterlife trilogy, that enough energy poured into a single concept and put into the universe could then manifest the thing/person/god, isnโ€™t out of the realm of possibility for you?
        And Robynโ€™s trilogy, which looks at quantum physics and states that history may not be history at all because there is no history but what we make of it in the future…and so we go on and on, on multiple planes and dimensions…

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      • Nope, it’s not out of the realm at all. I believe that anything is possible because our mind is the universe. It’s energy and we’re energy. So, what we think will manifest itself whether we like it or not. Our mind creates and manifests it into our realm of “reality” at all times.

        Now we can also consciously train our mind to focus on something specific for it to manifest into something we desire. Have you seen the stark resemblance of the universe vs our brain cell? Makes you think, innit? And our pineal gland…!! Anyway, do you believe that what we desire/ask for manifests itself into the universe? The saying, “Be careful what you think”…it’s something, innit? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        And you know that the past, present and future are all happening simultaneously, right? It’s what’s called “now.” A single moment. The only moment that exists, existed or will exist. It’s only our perspective that shifts, viewed at different angles/vantage points, which in our physical “reality” here, we can only perceive it in a linear way because we’re tuned in at a specific frequency level that’s manifested this universe. In essence, time as measured in distinct past, present & future, is an illusion because, spacetime. In quantum physics, you can even view them as parallel universes because “time” is essentially parallel, not linear. So many theories, so little “time,” eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        In essence, we always want to find the answers, don’t we? But perhaps what matters isn’t in knowing the answers but in the journey of finding them. Perhaps that’s our way to understand our existence, innit? What matters is the now. The past and the future are constructs based on memories and predictions. And we know both can change under certain circumstances. Our consciousness isn’t limited to just this parallel that we’re in.

        Ok, I might have veered off-topic here, so apologies! I can go on and on about these topics! Sorry!

        To summarise if I can – I believe that our mind is a powerful weapon. Manifestations in the universe derive from our mind (thoughts). So nothing is out of the realm of any possibility. I believe that the concept of past, present, future as we’re conditioned to measure, is an illusion. I believe that there are an infinite number of us and universes that our consciousness is a part of, at different frequency and energy level.

        p.s. Have you noticed ever-close similarities between quantum physics and eastern philosophy? Interesting…


  1. I have been anxiously awaiting this release and was thrilled to buy myself a copy for my birthday yesterday. Iโ€™m already deeply into it and loving the story so much! Thanks for this richly detailed world and these fun characters. Shamus rocks! ๐Ÿ˜Ž


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