On a planet far, far away…

One year ago, I wrote a blog about the book I was working on, Spinning Tales. It’s a fairy tale about fairy tales, and it came out this year. It was fun to write urban fantasy that also left this world behind and then continued to jump back and forth.

Tonight I finished the edits for my next novel, Changing Course.

It’s my very first foray into true sci-fi, where everything takes place on another planet. I wasn’t sure I pulled it off, but my editor, who loves sci-fi, said lots of nice things, so that’s a win, right?

The coolest thing about it, as well as the most difficult, was making up an entirely new world. Animals, plants, societies, creatures, swear words…all new. But what I realised tonight is that it’s still, in a way, urban fantasy. Or urban fiction, maybe. It deals with sociological issues; the haves and have-nots, extinction, slavery, feeling like you’ll never fit in.

It just happens somewhere else.

And I’m a little in love with these characters. Kylin, with her big heart and bigger secrets, and Jessa, with her narrow view of the world but a notion that she’s missing out. Plus a host of secondary characters, because I love an ensemble cast.

This story, like Chosen, came to me in a dream, though not nearly as fleshed out as it was the last time it happened. And I’m really glad I got the chance to write it.

It officially comes out in November but I’ll have early copies available in October at Women’s Week, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood.

And so, on to the next project…

2 thoughts on “On a planet far, far away…

  1. Ohhh…sci fi! I can’t wait!!!! As a fellow sci fi author, I know world building can be quite the undertaking. And how fun it is! 🙂 I look forward to read yours!


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