Into the world it goes

I had a dream. It was a very real, very emotional dream. It was like watching a movie. It had a beginning, middle, and an end. It had conflict, it had romance, it had questions.

The thing is, I didn’t like the way it ended when I’d woken up. So, I went back to sleep and dreamt up a new ending.

Then I got up, wrote out the book proposal, and sent it to my publisher.

And…presto. Today is the first release day of Chosen, a climate change apocalypse that asks questions: who decides who is worthy of saving? When it’s about education, where does that leave those who couldn’t afford one? When it comes time, and if you were chosen, what would you do?

And of course, what would you do for love?

Are you ready to be one of the Chosen?

You can get your copy at Bold Strokes Books now, and it goes on sale elsewhere on the 14th!

One thought on “Into the world it goes

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