Foray into new territory

My sixth novel, Changing Course, comes out in November. But it will be on special pre release for Women’s Week in Provincetown in October.

I just finished the proofs for it. (Proofs are your last chance to make sure it’s clean and there aren’t any spelling errors or gross inconsistencies.)

This is my first foray into true sci-fi, where everything takes place on another world. Like many authors I’m not always sure about a novel; if it took on life with zest, or mewled its way into the world, sickly and whiny.

After proofing, I’m happy to say I like it. I like the characters, I like some of the lines I spent real time on getting right, and I like the world I created. And I’m glad I still dealt with deeper issues that are important to me: social class, difference, poverty, slavery. But as usual I play with these topics through the characters and where they come from, which dictates much of their behaviour.

And of course there’s a romance. Obviously. ❤️

Changing Course is available for pre order now, or you can pick up a signed copy at Women’s Week, if you happen to be about.

When a simple mission goes wrong, intergalactic space captain Jessa Arbelle nearly goes down with her ship.

Her escape pod lands on Indemnion, a planet known for its raw, raucous societies, and Jessa’s top priority is keeping the few survivors with her safe while finding a way back home. That’s when she meets mysterious scrounger Kylin Enderson, a useful and attractive distraction she can hardly afford with so much at stake.
Kylin resents Jessa’s silver spoon attitude, especially since Jessa has no idea what real life is like. Kylin has enough trouble keeping ahead of the creditors she owes for some of her more secretive undertakings, without having to help the beautiful captain who fell from the sky. But Kylin’s always been a sucker for a damsel in distress, and this time is no different.
When Kylin’s secret comes out, it puts their growing attraction, as well as Jessa’s life, in danger. Will everything come crashing down, or can they change course before it’s too late?

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