Will you love my baby?


You spend 6-9 months creating a baby. It’s hard work. You blow off friends, you stay inside on beautiful days, you eat way too many snacks.

And you create.

Then, the time comes for your baby to be born, to be presented to the world. Not just to your friends and family, no. THE WORLD. People all over the globe have the opportunity to pick up your baby, to have a cuddle, to spend time with it, get to know it, and then…they get to tell you if they like your baby.

And so you wait for the verdict.

The dreaded reviews begin to trickle in, and like any good self-deprecating writer, you tell yourself the ones by the people you know are great, but they’re always going to be nice about your baby anyway. You watch for the ones from people you don’t know…

And you find that people seem to like your baby. It has all its limbs, it has lifeblood running through it. It isn’t an ugly baby, even though you know it’s a baby not everyone will be interested in loving.

And you breathe.

Now I can start writing the next book. I’m unlikely to read any more reviews unless tagged in them or sent them by my wife or boss. I’m thin-skinned and have trouble when people tell me I lacked elements of creation, that my baby (or I) am flawed.

Today is the day. Changing Course, is a novel about two women from vastly different worlds, who learn about each other as they move through a difficult and treacherous world, dodging loan sharks, slavers, and lethal storms. Secrets, self-doubt, compassion, and fun are all on tap. I hope you love my baby the way I do.

Maybe, even, a little more.

You can get your copy of Changing Course here, from Bold Strokes Books, now. And you can get it through other worldwide channels on the Nov 15th.


When a simple mission goes wrong, intergalactic space captain Jessa Arbelle nearly goes down with her ship.

Her escape pod lands on Indemnion, a planet known for its raw, raucous societies, and Jessa’s top priority is keeping the few survivors with her safe while finding a way back home. That’s when she meets mysterious scrounger Kylin Enderson, a useful and attractive distraction she can hardly afford with so much at stake.
Kylin resents Jessa’s silver spoon attitude, especially since Jessa has no idea what real life is like. Kylin has enough trouble keeping ahead of the creditors she owes for some of her more secretive undertakings, without having to help the beautiful captain who fell from the sky. But Kylin’s always been a sucker for a damsel in distress, and this time is no different.
When Kylin’s secret comes out, it puts their growing attraction, as well as Jessa’s life, in danger. Will everything come crashing down, or can they change course before it’s too late?

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