Bacon and bus drivers

There is so much power in the stories we tell. If we could bottle it we’d power the world for centuries.

And we’re all story tellers. Every day people tell others a story; how was your day? Well, let me tell you…

We talk about our co-workers, our parents, our doctors appointments. We talk about our fears and desires and ambitions. We plan, regroup, devolve. We talk of bacon and bus drivers and burnt toast and politics and weather and dementia and holidays…

We tell ourselves stories, too. About who we are and who we want to be. And those stories stick with us, burrow in and grow. Those stories can wreck us or build us, depending on the words we’ve used to parse them together. Words of self-loathing or self-love, words that discourage or encourage. The stories of self that change with every decade, at least to some degree.

And then there are the stories others tell of us. Their perceptions of who we are create a mythical version of us that exists in their world. And what a wonderful story that can be. Other people can give us a path, character attributes, and qualities we’d never think to add to our own versions. They can make us villains or heroes and so many combinations in between. And we may never know what their story of us is…

As we go slide into inky winter, I’m considering my story. Who am I right now? Who do I want to be-come at the return of the light? What story do I want to write myself into?

I can’t wait to find out. How about you? What’s your story?

One thought on “Bacon and bus drivers

  1. I love this blog! Thank you for sharing it. It got me thinking about all the stories we tell, as you mentioned above, and also brought up for me how we not only tell so many stories with our words–whether written or spoken–but we also tell a powerful story by how we walk through life. What we create to experience for our growth and the ways in which we move through it and respond to it tell us and others such a fascinating story of what we’re here to do and learn in this lifetime.

    Thanks for stirring up such an interesting idea to ponder and explore,. I’m curious to see how it enters into what I write today. 🙂


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