I hope…

2019 is officially gone. It’s now in our past and we’re heading into the 20s.

I hope 2020 brings you the kind of magic that makes your heart race, that it brings you adventure and the kind of knowledge that comes from leaving your comfort zone. May it bring your soul peace while still making you long for more minutes on this planet. I hope it brings you love in whatever form that makes you feel seen. Hopefully it brings self acceptance, creativity, and a desire to drink in all life has to offer. I hope it brings you quiet nights under the stars and the determination to make this world better in whatever ways you can. I hope it brings you stories that make you weep and laugh and cheer and which bring you new friends. And that you create lots of these stories yourself.

Happy New Year. Let’s wring from 2020 all it has to quench our thirst.

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