Permutations of us

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!

We are… a magnificent multitude of multi-cultural microcosms. We are every shape, every size, every colour of the rainbow and all the nebula and galaxy colours in between. We are butch stone to femme stone and every pebble of gender display on display in the spectrum. We self ID and refuse IDs and take comfort in our diaspora of difference. We are long haired and short haired and made-up and dressed down. We are boots and heels and loafers and Vans and barefoot wanderers making our way through love and loss and laughter and tears, knowing there are others there, a community to turn to.

We are…family when our own genetics work against us and blood no longer calls to blood. We are support through AIDS, cancer, pandemics. We are a Zoom call to say I’m lonely… but not alone. We are every strata of society bunched up together under a word that provides the comfort of companionship and collective struggle, even at different times, generations, locations.

We are here, despite the odds against us. We hope, fight, talk, argue, stand strong, weep for those who fall. We love with courage and because we are true to the part of us that calls to fulfilment and desire and the need to connect one soul to another.

Happy Lesbian Visibility Day from this proud, middle aged femme married to a wonderful fluid ID shrugging woman.

Love fiercely, my friends.

One thought on “Permutations of us

  1. You were never alone. I feel your pain and frustration. I grew up at a time when it was not OK to be gay or lesbian. You were ashamed and it was called a disease.

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