Muse with me

Hi there!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

In case you’ve forgotten, my name is Brey. I write the kind of stuff I like to read, which often falls into the specific category: sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian fiction. Stuff like that.

And I’m super excited to say I’ve signed a contract for my next book!

Song of Serenity is the first in the Memory’s Muses series, each of which will feature one of the classic Greek muses who inspire creativity in lots of forms. These books will take place in the Afterlife, Inc world, so you may see a few crossover characters, too.

Here’s the premise:

“We have mistaken the common livery of the age for the vesture of the Muses, and spend our days in the sordid streets and hideous suburbs of our vile cities when we should be out on the hillside with Apollo. Certainly we are a degraded race, and have sold our birthright for a mess of facts.”

― Oscar Wilde, Beautiful and Impossible Things – Selected Essays of Oscar Wilde

Calliope is the muse of Justice and Serenity. As the leader of the muses, she has a lot of balls to juggle. Her work at Afterlife sees her in charge of disputes, dealing with the entanglements between gods and humans. She’s also in charge of recording the history of the gods and the changes therein, and lately, there are a lot of those. In her infrequent downtime, she goes to her place of calm and serenity in Dryburgh, Scotland, where she can get away from all the squabbling.

It doesn’t hurt that there’s a temple to the Muses there, either.

And then Jordan James comes along with her irrepressible optimism and desire for all things fun. She’s about to buy the land in Scotland that Calliope depends on to relax, and she’s going to turn it into an extreme adventure park. Calliope won’t let that happen, and Jordan simply can’t understand why the divine have to stick their noses into everything. Why can’t they let people have fun?

When a different developer swoops in to buy the land from under Jordan, she and Calliope must compromise and work together to save the land they both love from someone who would destroy it. But can they find their way to one another, or is there no common ground between justice and fun?

This should be out in 2021, hopefully, and I hope you’ll join me for the beginning of this fantastic ride.

7 thoughts on “Muse with me

  1. I love the premise of this book (series) and I am very much looking forward to reading them when you have finished writing them. I very much enjoyed all three of the Afterlife Inc books. May your writer’s muse continue to cherish you with words that form more great stories that we can all get to enjoy.


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