Come take a bite with me…

Compelling romance with intrigue, adventure and vampires.”

Margaret Burris

Pre-orders are available now. Released on July 1st. Come play in my world.

Get it Here

Okay, so I’ve done the marketing bit above.

Now I have a favor to ask of you…bear with me, as I find it tough to ask.

Being a writer is a tough gig. I mean, it’s AWESOME in so many ways, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. There’s nothing like seeing your book come to fruition and knowing that people are enjoying it.

And there’s the rub–getting people to enjoy it. Getting it into people’s hands, period.

So here’s my gentle, cringing request as I hide behind my keyboard, as writers are wont to do: will you share it with people who like to read? If you have friends/family/co-workers/strangers who like to read, will you mention this book to them? If you have a social media platform that talks about books or writing, will you maybe mention this new release?

Authors depend on word of mouth, perhaps now more than ever before, and we can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate it.

Okay. I’ll slink away now.

Oh–and I hope you really like Dark Haven. I adored writing it and I wish I could go hang out there myself. Maybe you will too.


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