Out in July: Dark Haven

Available worldwide,

July 1, 2023

“Jesus!” Sage clasped her hand over her thumping heart.

“Well, we both rose from the dead, I guess. But nothing godly here.” Remy leaned against the wall opposite Sage’s door.

Sage looked her over and had to disagree. The black button down shirt and baby blue tie looked hot paired with loose-fitting black jeans. If there was a lesbian vampire god, surely Remy was it.

Dark Haven, July 2023

I’d never really considered writing a vampire novel. How many are out there, all with their own twisty little thorns? SO many. And I love a lot of them, I really do. From the original to the teenagers who lay in the sun, I’ve enjoyed many.

But I didn’t plan on writing one.

Until, that is, I watched a TikTok by audiobook narrator Hope Newhouse. In it, she mentions how Americans are often seen as rather uneducated (she’s an American living in Paris). But someone in France once asked her where she was from, and her answer, Pennsylvania, brought on this comment:

“Oh, like where Dracula is from?”

Um…no. That would be Transylvania you’re thinking of, darling.

And hence, Dark Haven was born. My initial thinking was Amish vampires living the natural life in good ‘ol PA. I eventually ditched the Amish part, since there’s no god to speak of, but the principal of natural living in a world full of noise and distraction still appealed.

I loved writing it. I love the characters. I loved watching them grow and change and grapple with the issues surrounding eternal life and family and what really matters in the long run. The story moved so fast I sometimes had trouble keeping up with it. I hope you enjoy it too. It’s not standard fare, but that’s the point, right? To each his own vision of pointy teeth, I say.

It will be available for pre-order soon. Check out the blurb below.

Even vampires get tired of playing with their food…

Running an off-grid community for vampires is serious business, and Remy Winslow gives it her all. Weary of the world and its noise, she’s content to live at Dark Haven and away from the public eye after all the work she did to help vampires come into the light, so to speak, so humans and vampires could live side by side. The last thing Remy needs is more press, but that’s exactly what she gets when Sage comes to Dark Haven.

Internet influencer and all around positivity pusher, Sage Samara can’t wait to chat up all the vampires available at the Vampire News Conference, and then after, during her stay at the mysterious Dark Haven ranch. And when she sees Remy looking utterly hot and powerful, she’s even more buzzed. Sure, she’s a human among vampires, but they totally don’t act that way anymore…right?

Disaster signals a swift change in politics, and then vampires start going feral. Between keeping Sage from being someone’s meal and trying to stop a war between species, Remy is too busy for the long dead emotions Sage is bringing back to life.

When a traitor threatens everything they’ve built, Remy may have no choice but to do the unthinkable.


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