Time particles and soul drinking

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Well…that went by in a whirlwind.

Last year, I wrote about being an anti-social sloth-hermit and about what a busy, wonderful year it was.

This year, I’ve actually had to look back on my calendar to see what happened in 2018, because on the 2nd day of 2019, I can’t remember much…

So here’s a little bit:

  • We traveled a lot in England. Cumbria, Newcastle, Bristol, Cornwall, London, Liverpool, Portsmouth. This is such a beautiful country.
  • We had two personal writing retreats, and both were amazing, if not hugely productive.
  • The 9th annual BSB event included a week of writing beforehand, and SO many authors from all over the world came. It was incredible. We got to meet some new authors, hang out with old friends, and do the book thing in style. I’m not sure how we’re going to beat that for our 10th event in June.
  • We went to Las Vegas for the GCLS awards, and it was pretty cool to see my name up on the screen, though I didn’t win. I met my dad, whom I haven’t seen in 35 years. We went to Seattle and spent a fabulous week with my mom.
  • We spent a wonderfully relaxing week in Crete with Robyn’s parents. What a wonderful island. I feel like a story will pop up there anytime.
  • My mom joined us for Christmas, and it made it all the better.
  • Oh, and the final book in the Afterlife, Inc series came out (Fury’s Death) as did my first standalone, Chosen. And I wrote Spinning Tales, which comes out in March. I also edited my first anthology for BSB (under a different name), and that was pretty exciting too.

And in and amongst all that was work, family, friends, house things, Pride events, conferences, readings, and SO much love.

2019 already has some really fantastic stuff planned–in fact, we’re finally going on our honeymoon. We’re also leading a two week writing retreat in Spain right before the 10th annual BSB event in Nottingham. And I’m writing another book that comes out in October, which is pretty exciting too.

Life is about experiences. It’s about making the most of every precious minute you’ve got, and not letting them be swept away like dust particles, unnoticed until it’s too late to use them wisely.

Use your time, my friends. Dive in, indulge, drink it into your soul and cherish every second of this crazy ride.

Happy New Year.


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